this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]


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2024_2_13 I feel like my body is being drilled into

2024_2_7 Got too high trying to spare symptom discomfort

2024_1_31 G.I. Pain and Acid Reflux Aflame

2024_1_30 Four Doctor Appointments in Two Days

Symptom: Light Sensitivity

2024_2_8 Aching.

Symptom: Fatigue

2024-2-6 “Recovery” Day

2024_2_5 Dropped off 5 Lab Samples. Only 4 Were Accepted, Due to Symptom Changes

2024_2_4 Waiting to Give Lab Samples Tomorrow

2024_1_29 Made like 5 Doctor Appointments Next Week.

2024_1_21 “You don’t want to live like that.”

2024_1_16 Overexertion

2024_1_15 R-Ankle X-Ray

2024_1_13 Post-E.R. “Textbook Colitis”

2024_1_12 Friday Night at the Emergency Room

2024_1_10 New PCP Appointment. I keep trying. Chest sharp. Hands hard to use. Why are my tests normal. Why don’t they seem to care.

2024_1_7 I don’t know.

2024_1_9 Oh no oh fuck please don’t take my hand (creativity) away

2024_1_8 SLP Appointment, Right Thumb Cramp, Pulsing, Extensor? Sprain?

2024_1_6 Sore Raw Throat, Itchy Still, Tachycardia

2024_1_5 Itching itching itchy itch Sore Throat Heavy itching itchy itch itch itchy itching

2024_1_4 [Scribble] Fatigue, Aches, Mucus

2024_01_01 Tried grocery shopping. Overexerted. Pain, Swelling, and Itching All Over.

2023_12_31, 24hr Urine Collection Test, & Why is it so sharp right HERE

2023_12_31, Compression Clothes, Cottony Mouth, Every-thing Fatigue

2023_12_30 Limbs Heavy, Extremities Cold, Muscles Ache

2023_12_29 Despite exhaustion, inability to nap. Red & swelling from laying on side.

2023_12_29 Blood Draw Fasting, AM Cortisol Levels

2023_12_28 Headache, Cold Extremities, Swelling & Reflux


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