this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]


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I’m looking for places to exhibit these, including: galleries, museums, public areas, & medical facilities. I have many thoughts on how to exhibit them compellingly, and have over 100 bookmarks and counting.

I also welcome any journalists who wish to share!



“Our second story is a profile of Oregon-based artist Daphne Mir, who has been tracking their Long Covid symptoms through an art project. Each ‘Illmark’ portrays one symptom or emotion of Long Covid in electric ink on a bookmark-like piece of paper, showing what the disease feels like to Mir. They are stunning, heartbreaking, and at times, terrifying, as they give a face to the many horrors of the disease.” – The Sick Times, This is what it feels like: Artist visualizes Long Covid symptoms

“Daphne is a USA-based artist making affecting and relatable hand-drawn illustrations about the symptoms, pain, sensations and experiences encountered in their ME/CFS. The format feels (to me) like blending of medical notes and Japanese ‘Kakemono-e’ (vertical rectangular) art.” – Andrew Gifford Photography, People making creative projects about ME/CFS


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