this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]


Body Bookmarks

2024_7_15 Please spare my hands, please, please

2024_7_12 It is so B.S. that mental exertion counts for post-exertional malaise

2024_7_11 All these aches just from a half day’s writing

2024_7_10 Trying to rest and recover as much as possible yet i just ache (ache ache ache ache)

2024_7_9 Insomnia

I don’t know who needs to hear this…

2024_7_3 Can’t regulate body temperature and it’s 100ºF

2024_7_3 Acupuncture 8?

2024_7_2 I wish I was swimming. I wish I wasn’t sore.

2024_07_01 Low-grade headache is still agony

2024_07_01 Sometimes I hurt so much in one area I can’t feel the rest of my body.

Make A Terrible Comic Day

2024_6_30 Post-travel pain, but worth it?

2024_6_15 Two new symptoms?!

2024_6_13 Too Bright, Too Sharp

2024_6_13 Overheating by going to the Rheumatist in June Weather.

2024_6_7 Treatment resistant nausea? Seriously?

2024_6_3 Recovery Day

2024_6_2 Lately I’ve been having shooting low spine pains

2024_6_1 Rest day before meditation day

2024_5_29 Myalgia & Edema

2024_5_28 Netflix & ILL

2024_05_28 Therapy taught me to disprove…

2024_5_27 oh.

2024_5_23 More X-rays

2024_5_23 Bloodwork yet again & *New* Unproductive Cough

2024_5_22 Acupuncture #6

2023_5_17 The world is blooming and I am… not

2024_5_14 Plague Poem

2024_5_3 Post-travel myalgia


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