this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]


Body Bookmarks

2024_3_27 After 30 Minutes of Seated Meditation

2024_3_25 Electrical Diagnostic of nerve pain. Historical external popliteal nerve issues only, Thankfully.

2024_3_12 Almost Daily, My Apple Watch says, “Your symptoms can indicate a serious condition. Seek immediate medical care. [Circled, like a digital button shape]: Call Emergency Services”.

2024_3_14 Better than my last drive to the city for medical treatment?

2024_3_13 Rest Day before Travel for Medical

2024_3_17 Things are improving, actually?

2024_3_15 Double, Double, Gastro Int. Trouble

2024_2_25 Overexerted by driving home 5 hours from the City with the treatment.

2024_2_28 Acupuncture 4

2024_2_14 Acupuncture 3

2023_3_5 Squeezing my organs so my blood returns to my heart, let alone brain.

2023_3_4 Hydration Impossible

2024_3_3 I tried sticking to more eloquent visual languages, but if you’ll excuse me, I’m bleeding out of my ass again.

2024_3_2 Migraine Holding Pattern

2024_3_1 Drowning In My Sorrows

2024_02_24 Raw & Dry

2024_02_22 Intestine Ouroboros

2024_02_21 Forgot my H2 Antihistamines

2024_02_20 Cardiology Appointment #2

2024_2_15 It feels melodramatic, but yeah. Ow.

2024_2_13 I feel like my body is being drilled into

2024_2_7 Got too high trying to spare symptom discomfort

2024_1_31 G.I. Pain and Acid Reflux Aflame

2024_1_30 Four Doctor Appointments in Two Days

2024_2_8 Aching.

2024-2-6 “Recovery” Day

2024_2_5 Dropped off 5 Lab Samples. Only 4 Were Accepted, Due to Symptom Changes

2024_2_4 Waiting to Give Lab Samples Tomorrow

2024_1_29 Made like 5 Doctor Appointments Next Week.

2024_1_21 “You don’t want to live like that.”


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