this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]

2024_6_15 Two new symptoms?!

The figure has hot pink and purple sore on their cheek and fingertips. more hot pink lines adorn the neck, spine area, left ankle, and lower abdomen. More hot pink radial circles resonate from the left hand. Purple exclamation marks next to the large cheek sore and hand denote the two new symptoms. The body is outlines in green.

2024_6_15 Two new symptoms?!

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  1. ambly July 22, 2024

    @illmarks I wanted to say thank you for posting this project. I heard about it a while ago and didn't know what it was, and I only had a look here and at the url yesterday.

    I have bad alexithymia and terrible interoception extreme difficulty trying to understand what is going on with my body, let alone put it into words.

    And I hear other people describe their own symptoms and they don't sound familiar. Is it because they're actually, wildly different, or that my brain introduces a complicated language barrier between our bodies so I cannot apply others' words to my own bodily sensations and experience familiarity?

    I somehow never thought of visual art as a way to try and describe what I feel, or as a way to relate to others, so I'm enjoying looking through these and seeing what seems familiar to me in any way at all. And it's getting me thinking about how I could potentially express what I'm experiencing visually, too.

    I particularly liked this one. It really captures the frustration and confusion that can happen so, so often when you're already struggling and suddenly you have a new problem come out of nowhere 💜 (Sorry for explaining your art to you – I just like it =P)

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