this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]

2024_5_23 Bloodwork yet again & *New* Unproductive Cough

the outline of the figure is adorned in green turquoise,purple, and grey inks. The green ink adds compression gloves, an orthotic-prosthetic, a back brace/posture corrector, armpits, face hair and mouth. The purple marks 3 missed blood draw sites with Xs, and the one good one with a check mark. there is a bunch of linear striations coming from the mouth, and filling the chest where the lungs are. Zigzags come from the face and throat, and the right hand has cramps. Pale grey also touch the face, hips, inner knee, and feet.

2024_5_23 Bloodwork yet again & *New* Unproductive Cough

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