this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]

2024_4_30 “Theories that diseases are caused by mental states…”

Figure carries an anvil in their lower stomach, and grasps at their torso. The anvil is framed in teal green hatchings, as are the armpits. The face has a tongue sticking out, and many layers of bags under what might be construed as eyes. Peach swirls fill the face and abdomen, and continue down into the legs. The use of exclusively tertiary colors feels a bit muddied, tired, unsettling, and sickened.

2024_4_30 “Theories that diseases are caused by mental states and can be cured by willpower are always an index of how much is not understood about the physical terrain of the disease.”
– Susan Sontag, Illness as Metaphor

“Moreover there is a peculiarly modern predilection for psychological explanations of disease, along with everything else. Psychologizing seems to provide control over the experiences and events, like grave illnesses, over which people have in fact, little or no control.”

– Susan Sontag, Illness as Metaphor

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  1. Tim is wearing a mask 🌈 May 9, 2024

    @illmarks @moss
    I've had the good/bad luck of a brush with a cult that believes all illnesses can be cured by will power, and worse than that all illnesses are also caused by negative thinking.

    This particular seductive trap of an organisation still operates 40 years after the founder died of strokes, and that was explained away as "causatively dropping the body".

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