this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]

Symptom: Fatigue

A lot of symptoms mean different things to different people.

Many people with ME/CFS don’t like the term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because it sounds like “just being tired” when the reality of fatigue alone, let alone the other syndrome symptoms like Post-Exertional Malaise are So Much Worse.

I plan to continue to create the Body Bookmarks of my symptoms as their tides change, but I also wanted to shine some light on the reality of terms like “Fatigue” and “Brain Fog,” both of which sound much more gentle than I experience them.

I think myself and a lot of people who experience ME/CFS (a common symptom presentation of post-viral illnesses like Long Covid) describe the exhaustion as “in our bones” or “bone-deep.”

A light colored skeleton is drawn inside a bookmark printed with the outline of a human. Black ink has added a series of "ball and chain"s to the figure, just above each joint, as well as down the spine. The chains are taught down the sides of the skeleton's body, and the dozen heavy balls rest on the floor around them.

Symptom: Fatigue

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