this is what it feels like [CW: illness, body horror illustration]

Make A Terrible Comic Day

Ink drawn comic in vertical format.\n\nTop panel two ppl’s faces talking to each other. One has blue hair and sun hoodie, the other has green sun hat. It says “I wanted to spend a couple hours volunteering for my Buddhist Temple.”\n\n2nd: they know I’m sick and are very understanding. Two rows of tables with above views of 3 ppl. Speech bubbles say “ask for help with book boxes!” And “we brought you a stool!”\n\n3rd panel shows blue dressed person and green dressed person from face down preparing to bow to each other. It says “I left before it got too hot, I let ice water on me and drank lots.” The blue person has a water bottle at their wrist\n\n4th panel is a close up on a person grasping toward their head which is in pain and looks like it’s being split open. “Yet when I got home it felt my head was being split open.”\n\n5th panel says “I took 2 naps, felt good enough to read. A laptop framed by two long things reads “indefinitely ill.”\n\nAn arrow suggests turning the comic upside down. There is now a face, crying intensely. The face and shoulders connect down to the rest of the comic, forming a body. The face with the split is the hips and pelvis. The two bodies, then tables are two legs. The two heads from panel one are two feet. The figure has blue hair now pulled back in a ponytail. They have blue frames around them. It reads “I think I am starting to understand that I might be sick & tired forever.

Make A Terrible Comic Day

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